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Ancient inhabitants of the terrestrial continent of Atlantis, Atlanteans are able to levitate within a pyramid. Noted

Super girl atlantis

Super Girl meeting the most important Atlantean of all, Jerro.

explorers and possessors of 'advanced technology', they traversed the world erecting enormous stone structures which form the pillars of their "Merkaba Field".

Posited by Rand and Rose Flem Ath in their book "When the Sky Fell", the continent we call Antarctica is the Atlantis of lore[1]. 13,00 years ago, after a pole shift triggered an Earth Crust displacement, all of Earth's tectonic plates moved in unison leading to a re-positioning of the planet's continents. In short order, Atlantis went from enjoying a sub-tropical environment being "really fucking cold"[2].

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Atlantean levitating within a pyramid.

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