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TUP beibei

BeiBei The Critter, key to the Master Plan

BeiBei The Critter was an integral G.U.C.T. (Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory) predictive programming element of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. According to Master Numerologist and Lord of the Rings fan Rik Clay, BeiBei is symbolic of water and reflects the blue Olympic ring. 'She' is the only of the Olympic Critter Gang with a Third Eye.

Quotes Edit

"I'm sure it's all connected -- ask BeiBei. BeiBei holds the key." - Tim Dillon, Ep #16

"We're going to monopolize world trade, we're going to do *this*, we're going to do *that*, and, uhh, you know that blue troll looking figure BeiBei -- that needs a third eye. We're going to invade Iraq, we're going to invade Afghanistan -- get China on the phone - BeiBei has two eyes - BeiBei needs a third eye or else the WHOLE THING falls apart!" - Tim Dillon, Ep #16