A birth genie is a mythical being that every human and some lower hominids are born with.


A Birth Genie in his box.

In fact the birth genie is part of a conglomerate of interspacial beings that inhabit the ethereal Wish Realm.

Other beings in this realm are: Gnomes, Pixies, and Leprechauns.

Rules Edit

Genies grant wishes to their host humans when the phrase "I wish..." is uttered, its usually followed by something like "... a lollypop." Or " favoriteTV show was on."

There are several rules that must be observed when seeking a wish.

  1. You must always start with the exact phrase "I wish" without this exact wording the genie is powerless.
  2. You are only granted three wishes at birth.
  3. You cannot wish for more wishes.
  4. By quickly saying "No no I didn't wish that." After seeking a wish you immediately negate the wish and it will not be granted or wasted.

Artificial Birth Genies Edit

Several mortals have endeavoured to create devices that produce artificial wishes.These devices tend to have several limitations that your run of the mill Birth Genie doesn't have.

One such device, the Wishing Machine by Joshua P Warren had the following limitations.


The elegant Wishing Machine with snake oil salesman Joshua P Warren.

  • One wish at one time on one box.
  • It wont help cure illness or grant eternal life. The pamphlet states; You will die, there is nothing you can do to stop this.
  • You'll never be able to fly like Superman!
  • You have to rub the device like a semi moist penis.

BrYan Frange's three wishes. Edit

Birth Genies are rare gifts that we are all granted, many people waste their three wishes in an off hand way, more often than not they're not even aware of the potential.

One individual, BrYan "Hollywood" Frange, is set on not wasting his wishes, in fact he will die before he uses them.

BrYan has queued his three wishes up and now only waits for the opportune time to arrive.

  1. Immune to all harm, this includes emotional physical aging and death.
  2. Control people's minds.
  3. Travel forwards and backwards in time without negative repercussions.

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