Popular cartoon character (Benson) modeled on Brians signature look.

For the alternate reality counterpart, please see 
Brian Frange (alternate reality)

Brian Frange commonly referred to as "Hollywood", "LA Brian", or "Brain Frange" is the Co-Host and Founder of The Unbelievable Podcast. The mild mannered Brain is a Disinformation Agent working as a Digital Producer at Not Safe with Nikki Glaser and as a comedian. Currently living in Los Angeles, California having originally emerged from Wantagh, New York.


  • A good time
  • Pussy?
  • Jokes
  • SweeTango apples


Frequently asks for T-Shirt money. In episode 178, at 51 minutes in, it had been revealed that Brian had refused to give Sebastian an Unbelievable Podcast sticker, that came with said t-shirts, and later burned it. Phoebe notes, "That's NY Brian, though, now it's LA Brian, [he] wants to give out stickers."