This guy is clearly an impostor. The real Charles would be missing an eyeball from all of the skull fucking he's received

Charles Gould was a co-host for the Unbelievable Podcast who left the show in late 2014. Since his sudden disappearance, many Unbelievers have begun to suspect that something bad has happened to Charles. Now one may dismiss these feelings, since it appears that Charles is still performing and is active on Twitter. But I’m not buying it. Something is wrong here and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. Below are some possible theories about what has happened to Charles. If you have any theories of your own, please add them. It is very important that we figure out what has happened to Charles.

Theories Edit

  • Reptilians abducted Charles and are forcing him to play piano for them.
  • Charles pressed the basement button two additional times in an elevator and is now being tortured by a bunch of nipple-less Deros. Hopefully a pre-teen Teros can save him.
  • Charles was shot while peacefully getting a hamburger at McDonald’s.
  • Larry Sinclair sucked Charles’ dick so good that Charles came too hard and died of a heart attack.
  • He put a zapper on his face.
  • Charles angered John Stormm in the episode about him, leading to Stormm crushing Charles with a flipped over car.
  • He found a DUMB, where his dick became bifurcated and his foot crispy-crittered