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Clarions AR

The Clarions from Clarion contacted Truman Bethurum in the Nevada desert in 1952. They speak perfect English in high, sing-songy voices; dress in a rather odd fashion; and have no weapons. Like all good aliens of the 1950s they were Christians. Clarions are between 4 and 5 feet tall (Mexicans), mumble to each other (speak Spanish), wear a black uniform with a black-billed hat (sombreros and ponchos), trousers that reflect a blue-grey (hmm? Don't know what that is.), have dark faces free from wrinkles or blemishes (Mexicans), and have no weapons (not Mexicans).

Introductions Edit

Upon surrounding Truman Bethurum's car in the Nevada desert, one of the Clarions uttered the first communication with an Earthling,

"You name it!" - Traditional Clarion Greeting
Comforted by the sound of English speech (not Spanish), Truman left his car to shake hands with the Clarion men.

Aura RhanesEdit

As recounted by Truman Bethurum, each Clarion educational expedition to Earth was led by Aura Rhanes. As Captain of the "scow", a Clarion ship, Rhanes wore a red pleated dress, fitted black blouse and red beret. Possibly unique to Rhanes amung Clarions, she spoke in rhyming couplets:

"I expect to be around for a thousand years, but the water in your deserts will be mostly tears"
Rhanes was into arm-touching, couch-chatting, cock-teasing, and being a grandmother. She will decline all photographs and make flashlights disappear if pressed about safety and security of her crew.