Back in the old days, “The Program” was mostly accessed through Tumblr.  This included being able to access all the old episodes, like the original Mermaids episode, and episodes with Tim Dillon, Sgt. K, and Crystal Delahanty (all who will eventually have their own Wikia pages).  But…when you were looking through the old episodes, it was obvious that something was missing: Episode 87.  Go ahead and Google it.  You get this, or maybe this.  There was a poll question about what happened to Episode 87, but can you access the Episode with the "Poll Results” to hear what the answer is?  Why did ‘Hollywood’ never release this episode?  

Lo-Jinx Conspiracy Theory Edit

Episode 87 was what BrYan & Charles wrote for the Bohemian Grove Lo-Jinx play, and Herbert decreed that it could not be made publicly available.  

Mermaids Conspiracy Theory Edit

Episode 87 was an updated Mermaids episode. After hearing it on-line, NOAA forced BrYan to take it down, similar to how the site "" was taken down because it was deemed to be a threat to homeland security.  

Shuey Lake Conspiracy Theory Edit

Episode 87 was an undercover episode where BrYan and Crystal went to Shuey Lake with Sgt. K to meet "Squishy Bob". In a scenario not unlike Aliens vs. Predator, there was an epic battle between Reptilians and Leprechauns. The Aliens took Episode 87, while the Leprechauns took Crystal.  

Conrad Malta Conspiracy Theory Edit

Episode 87 was an interview with Conrad Malta, a.k.a. "no spaces man", a.k.a. "ATL Draco Man". The interview was about Conrad's horrible relationship with the Pope, explaining why all his Poll Results entries were about the Pope sexually misbehaving. The Episode was available on-line for less than a day, as the Catholic Church had it removed.   

It is purely coincidental that BrYan went to Atlanta in August of 2016.  

Typo Conspiracy Theory Edit

BrYan mis-labelled the Episode; Episode 88 is really Episode 87, and all the other Episodes are off by 1.