The Unexplainable Philosophy of Ben Kronberg Edit


Maddow, a possible reptilian.

"Brian and Leo interview comedian Ben Kronberg about his philosophy of embracing the mystery of existence and its uncertainty and also discussed a UFO sighting in South Korea"

This episode is the debut of "Plugged In", a now well know segment where listeners send in topics to the show and their twitters are plugged. @myownmouth, whose gender is in question, sent a video of Rachael Maddow appearing to make reptilian noises and mannerisms.

Also featured was everyone's favorite segment, "What happened that was unbelivable this week?", which covered a Seoul UFO.

The Episode was released circa April 24, 2012.

Notable Quotables Edit

"Tim pollic [gutteral throat noise] .. I'm sorry" - Rachael Maddow

"We can teach guns to shoot them" - Ben Kronberg