The phone rings.

Sometimes Sebastian answers the phone, “The Unbelievable Case Busters. We will help you unlearn everything you know.”

Sebastian grabs a piece of paper and scribbles furiously. When the caller had finished speaking, Sebastian gave his signature laugh and said, “Don’t worry dude. Hollywood Brian and New York Phoebe are on the case.”

Sebastian was about to hang up with the caller, but he remembered the most important part, “Uh Sir, Sir, you have to buy a t-shirt before they will work on the case. You have to buy a t-shirt”

Hollywood Brian and New York Phoebe arrive to the case location thirteen hours after the t-shirt purchase.

Upon arrival Phoebe asked, “So he is a chicken farmer?”

Brian answered, “Geeze Phoebe have you not listen to anything I have said this whole drive? Mr. Farmer raises chickens, and he says Italian Aliens gave him pancakes.”

“Listen Brian, you talk about a lot of things. I am hungry and don’t have time to listen to everything you say.”

“I am glad you are hungry. You can try the Italian pancakes.”

“I’m not going to do that dude.”

“Come on Phoebe, nobody knows pancakes like you!”

“You are right, I am beautiful and a pancake expert.”

“You are so easily convinced,” Brian said.

Phoebe gave her beautifully raspy laugh in agreement.

After introductions, Mr. Farmer told them his alien pancake story. The pancakes looked thin, greasy, burnt, and Honey Cone shape.

“Go ahead Phoebe.” Brian said handing the pancake over. Phoebe was about to give a witty reply but Brian said, “You are beautiful and a pancake expert.”

Since Phoebe is so easily convinced, she took a bite of the pancake. With a face of disgust Phoebe said, “I can’t tell you what this is.”

For a moment Brian felt defeated. However, a new idea entered his brain-mind. “I know someone in the Air Force,” Brian said. “Phoebe, change into your tightest t-shirt. Mr. Air Force is going to have to see some nice boobs before he agrees to investigate these pancakes.”

Brian turns to Mr. Farmer and says, “Hey Mr. Farmer, you need to leave a five-star review for our Podcast on ITunes before we can continue with this case.”

The review is somewhere on the internet.

Even with Phoebe’s tightest shirt, Mr. Air Force declined to investigate the pancakes. However, Phoebe’s nice rack did get them a contact number for someone at the FDA.

The FDA was able to confirm that the pancakes were poorly made buckwheat pancakes. Brian and Phoebe return the pancakes to Mr. Farmer, and explained their findings.

This case is considered closed.


Episode 164 Part Two

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