The Famous Dogs are from Tennessee, but will travel worldwide wherever their presence and expertise is needed. These dogs can hunt, track, sniff out illegal contraband, fetch and kill on command.

The Famous Dogs have only one fear: the Fouke Monster in Arkansas' Boggy Creek. Their failure at Boggy Creek is the sole blemish on the Famous Dogs' otherwise pristine and heroic record. Their abject fear alone should be proof enough that this was no Wookie or Muslim--for The Famous Dogs fear neither Wookies nor Muslims. These fine dogs are war heroes, having served in Vietnam, sniffed out bombs and rescued children from burning buildings. Their bravery had been beyond reproach. Before Fouke.

But in Arkansas, down in Boggy Creek, they whined and cried and tucked their tails between their legs, embarrassed at their pitiful failure. And that is why all The Famous Dogs were put to sleep.

Dogs-build-large-group 637

A representation of the Famous Dogs who turned out to be cowards in Fouke, Arkansas