TUP kissinger

Kissinger while dictating portions of his 2014 book, "World Order".

Henry Kissinger is an American diplomat, political scientist, and reptile person. He has been an integral member of the Modern Shadow Government (MSG) since the Nixon administration. A certified creep and weirdo, Kissinger droppings are certain to be uncovered anywhere that the world's power-elite gather to shit on the 99.8% of humanity who simply want to live their lives in peace (e.g. The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Underground Vril(l) Cloning Centers, etc.)

Under circumstances similar to those in which Barrack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize prior to murdering Pakistani children with drones, Henry Kissinger was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for negotiating a Vietnam War cease fire that never actually occurred.

Personal Life Edit

- KK spends most of his time sunbathing on a heat rock, curled up with his special buddy Herbert, Herbert.

- While serving as US Secretary of State, in 1975 Kissinger visited with Jamaican Prime Minister Manley in a private meeting to assure him that there was “no attempt now underway involving covert actions against the Jamaican government.” KK dug the tense and chaotic political climate of Jamaica so much so that he arranged to take over Aston Barrett's role as bassist in The Wailers, Bob Marley's backing band, so that he could be at the center of the action.