UPDATE: 4/23/2016 Edit

BrYan Freakout! Edit

An unbeliever recently witnessed a new BrYan freakout at the Enterprise Rent all at LAX.

B: "Look bozo, I just flew in from New York and I need to rent the same Toyota Prius I rented before I left"

Enterprise Attendant: "Sir, you can't just request a specific car, it doesn't work like that"

B: "I had dibs"

E: "dibs?"

B: "Clean the New York out of your ears idiot, I said Dibs"

E: "You are clearly belligerent, I am going to have to refuse you service"

B: "Me? Do you know who I am? Do you know what I left in the CD player of that car? In the CD player of that Toyota Prius?!?! Do you know what this could mean?!

E: "Yeah, you're Brian Frange, it say's so on your Credit card right here"

B: "Who Frange?!"

E:"Brian Frange"

B:"Fucking, say it one more time, I dare you"

---Enterprise Attendant proceeds to push the silent alarm and a certain unbeliever starts to sneak to the parking lot to search CD players of Prius' for whatever BrYan is talking about---

---Upon a "certain unbeliever's" return they see BrYan being escorted out of the building by 2 security guards---

B: "Don't touch my Oakleys! Hey! Stay away from the hair! NO! you can't see whats in my European Handbag! I just want my CD, it's my only copy, I am the internet!"

---Defeated BrYan calls an Uber---

B: "Send me a Prius, i'm going... home."

UPDATE: 4/16/2016 Edit

BrYan bought some new Gear! Edit


Passing out C/V's complete with your headshot down on the boardwalk can be exhausting!  


Tirelessly repeating "NO, you don't understand! I have a podcast! I was in a hazmat suit on TV! No! you listen here... etc..." all while rollerblading or powerwalking can be such a drain. So BrYan did what any young up and coming dynamo decides to do, he "Upped his gear, cuz!" Check this shit out. 


PIctures on Right,Top To Bottom: 

  • A young Brian ( This is before the name change ) practicing his devil sticks. He has big dreams and big dreams obviously require devil sticks. 
  • These sweet roller blades, which for one serve as a quicker and cooler way to get around Hollywood. Secondly, a way to meet "Birds", because we all know a lady simply can't resist a sweet set of blades.  
  • The european sidebag, filled to the brim with C/V's, headshots, maps to coffee shops and download codes for secret episodes of Illuminati Incorporated. Don't you dare call it a purse, unless you want to hear a half hour spiel on how "This is normal in Europe, and that you're the weird one
  • These fucking shoes, god dammit. Powerwalking just isn't the same unless you look like a complete moron. BrYan swears up and down about their great "arch support" and how we need to get back to a "Paleo lifestyle" ughhh, these things.  


Hollywood BrYan

Upon moving from New York City to Los Angeles, not only did Brian Frange abandon New York City, all of his friends and his family, he also abandoned his name. Brian had decided that spelling his name with an "I" just wasn't "L.A" enough and informed everyone that he would exclusively be spelling his name BrYan. He takes this name so seriously that an unbeliever recently laid witness to a now ever more regular "BrYan Freakout" in an L.A Starbucks. Our sources show that BrYan entered the starbucks with his side hanging laptop bag, oakley sunglasses & new haircut and this is the conversation that followed:

BrYan: "Make me anything that you wont screw up"

Barrista: "Sure thing sir, that will be a few minutes. What's your name for the side of the cup?"


How hard is it to just give me this?!

BrYan: "It's BrYan"

----Time passes and BrYan receives the cup marked for "Brian"---

BrYan: "What the hell is this ?!"

Barrista: "Your Coffee Sir"

BrYan: "Who the hell is Brian? What is this New York City? Make it again Bozo!, No, nevermind, this is pointless"

----BrYan Proceeds to pour the entire cup of coffee on the floor, all the while looking directly at the barrista, but never removing his oakley sunglasses, turns around and walks out the door----