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John Stormm and his super soldier pony tail

An orphan born in 1953, John Stormm was taken from his orphanage at a very young age by the CIA and was inducted into the MK Ultra super soldier program, ran by Nazi doctors and scientists where he would be trained to become an "Ultra" and fight communists.

After years of grueling training that left most of the child subjects mentally unstable and some dead, John was one of the few to finish the program. Experiencing years of rigorous training involving electro shock experiments and live ammunition war games, John developed several superhuman abilities, such as:

  • He could pick up your car and flip it over, but not over his head like Superman or anything like that.
  • He can jump out of a 3rd or 4th story building and hit the ground running with no bruises.
  • He can take a hit from a car moving at 40 mph, without breaking any bones.
  • He has a martial arts punch with an average speed of 4 times per second, with 1600 psi per punch.
  • His skin is pretty tough, but not like super tough. He can stop his bleeding and take damage well.
  • He can astral project images and feelings of people.
  • He can will feelings on other people and can even become invisible through force.
  • John did not age during his career. When he retired at age 40, he still looked 17 years old.

Under the code name Thumper (as in the rabbit from Bambi), John would go on many missions, including assassinating people at martial arts expos, hunting enemies down using astral projection, fighting cartels, and breaking the necks of Viet Cong soldiers. In the late 1970's, John went ran his last mission, and eventually went rogue. Ever since he left the program, the CIA has tried to kill him many times and repeatedly fail to take him down.

Today, John Stormm has several serious health issues, such as diabetes and narcolepsy. He's even had several strokes.

It's worth noting that the episode of the podcast in which John Stormm is discussed was the final episode to feature former co-host Charles Gould, who has since disappeared. Is it possible that Mr. Stormm heard the podcast and didn't appreciate some of Charles' jokes? Perhaps Charles' corpse is out there, crushed under a flipped over a car.

Below are some photos of John Stormm:

No caption needed

He could flip your head over with that sword

Last photo ever taken by Charles Gould