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In 1997 Mel Waters called into Coast2Coast AM to talk about a giant hole he found on his property. And this page is going to discuss Mel's gaping hole, but first....

===Did you know it rains frogs in some places? Just right out of the sky! I'm telling you, it's the damnedest thing. But getting back to what we're all here for, Mel's Hole.  This hole has mystical properties that can bring dogs back to life and even burn ice!===

But not only that, Brazil nuts sometimes also rain from the sky. These nuts are quiet as they fall, unlike the screaming sounds a cat would make if you threw a live one down Mel's Hole. Mel's hole is deep. He's tossed dead cows and refrigerators down there

I saw a hole on the TV once, on the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits, I think it was. This was back in olden times when fellas rode horses. Mel lowered thousands of miles of fishing line into his hole and dogs won't go near it.

Eventually the military seizes Mel's hole and pays him 8 million dollars to abandon his hole and raise wombats in the Australian outback. The wombats sucked Mel dry of the 8 million and he ended up on a bus where he got in a fight and lost his teeth.

Mel's Hole

Mel got new teeth and met some Native Americans who had their own weird hole. Their hole had a beam of darkness shooting out of it, so naturally they beat a sheep unconscious and lowered it 1500 feet into the hole. Mel is not a sheep guy, but Mel can pick up a sheep.

When they got the sheep back out of the hole, it had been cooked and a kind-eyed seal creature emerged from a tumor inside the sheep. The creature looked compassionately at Mel for about 2 solid hours before nodding and leaping back into the Native American hole. 


Representation of Mel's Hole with seal-creature leaping back into it. (Despite the fact that it was actually the Native American hole that houses the seal-creature)

But did I say it was Brazil nuts? I'm not sure if it makes a difference.