This page is comprehensive list of all of the Music Featured on the Unbelievable Podcast.

The Offiicial Composers for The Unbelievable Podcast are Tyler Ogilvie & Unbeliever A-A-Ron

Artist Song Season / Episode Link
AC$ Hollywood Brian Diss
AC$ Phoebe Tribute / Diss
Veranear 11:49 S05 (Intro Music)
Acorn Project The Shift S05 (Outro Music)
Michael Kowalski Mothman (true story, 1966-1967)
Tim Peeler Bigfoot Remix (Straight Outta Compton Parody)
B.O.B. Flatline
Tyson (Neil Degrasse Tyson's Nephew) Flat to Fact (feat. Neil Degrasse Tyson)
Tom Paxton I Dont Want A Bunny Wunny (Jimmy Carter Diss)
Roy Atkinson The Lizard Man Stomp
Asleep at the Wheel Big Foot Stomp
TJ Broscoff Devils Done With Me
TJ Broscoff You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Darrell Scott Acoustic Cover)
Lance Hardcore Demonic Deception ft. Cashlin & Arkalogic
ABADAWN Hot Dog Dick (The Phil Schneider Story)

John Titor 

Goin to Space

Steve Cook 

Legend of the Dogman (Original)

Steve Cook

Legend of the Dogman (Version 2 - The Sequel)

Steve Cook 

Legend of the Dogman (Version 3 - The Legend 97')

Steve Cook 

Legend of the Dogman (Version 4 - The Legend 07')

Phil Schneider 

The Puppy Song

Jenifer Whisper 

Bhudda Mouse

Jenifer Whisper 

A Rainbow of Love

The Psychic Twins

Yakety Yak


b o b b y

Ken Manning

Gulf Breeze UFO

Aaron Schlib


Aaron Schlib

Black & White

Aaron Schlib

Starry Night

Aaron Schlib


Joey Herbz