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The north of England is in the northern part of England. It includes the world's greatest county, Lancashire, and the world's worst county, Yorkshire. There is a long history of the supernatural and paranormal occurring in this area, from the famous Pendle Witches to the local version of faeries, the Boggarts and Brownies.


There have been many UFO encounters in the north of England. Between 2005 and 2015 there were roughly 26 UFO encounters that were reported to police in Lancashire. There are many other sightings that are not reported to police. (Just a quick note, there were around 80 paranormal encounters reported to the police, including over 20 acts of witchcraft.... so that's normal....) Most of these 'alien' encounters happen in the 'UFO valley'. The valley is the area over and around Rossendale.

The 'Flying Sofa'[]

The 'Flying Sofa' is a UFO captured on video flying over Bolton in August 2012. It was a black shape floating about and spinning around in the sky. The object also appeared to flash a white light intermittently.

Many theories have been given for this sighting. The theories vary from a flying bin bag to a flying bin bag, and even a flying bin bag.

'Big Boom'[]

The big boom is an event that happened in 2016. In the wee small hours of the morning, there was a very loud bang over Yorkshire.

Could this be aliens?

Nope. It was RAF jets that had to be scramble quickly.

Scrambled to fight aliens?!?!?!

Nope. Scrambled because a passenger jet had a dodgy radio thing so air traffic control lost contact, so the jets had to go up and investigate to investigate and to communicate with the plane or whatever. Exactly zero aliens. Apparently people thought a UFO rose from the sea and then got shot down starting world war three. I don't even. I. Don't. Even. Why would they have a UFO in the sea just to attack northern England? Wouldn't they use this stealth technology to attack somewhere more London-esque? Say, London? Of maybe even New York, huge lots of people there. But no. Yorkshire. The capital of sheep-related products for three hundred years....

Rossendale Saucer[]

The Rossendale Saucer is a flying saucer that was pictured over Rossendale. It defo isn't a poorly photoshopped image..... totes... It's not like it's the exact same flying saucer image every time man.... gah.. just totes original.

Other UFOs[]

In Barnoldswick (Pronounced Barn-ick) there were three red lights hovering around on the sky that then flew off at high speeds. (I think they flew away just as the LSD was wearing off....)

In Padiham there was a report of bright lights in the sky, and in Burnley there was a report of FIVE UFOs in the sky!! (Both of the callers were known to the police, and also known to have mental health issues.

Several times there have been reports of small groups of lights floating away together in the sky. I mean, the fact there were people releasing Chinese lanterns has nothing to do with this....

There were reports of lights coming from the ground in Church, but when police same there was nothing. They came out because they thought a caravan was on fire. But again. People set Chinese lanterns off. They glow orange or red. They float up. Looks kinda like fire. Defo Alien.

A dude in the north-east says that this many lights mean aliens have to be real.


A UAP is an unidentified atmospheric phenomenon.

There have been many sighting of UAPs. These involve lights zooming around the night sky. They split apart and do cool stuff.

The 'UFO valley' has 12 times as many UAP sightings than the average for the rest on the UK.

This area of the UK is not new with these kinds of sighting either. In Marsden there have long been sightings of the old willow o' the wisps. There are also 'Magic' mushrooms that glow in the dark. This is not the craziest idea as they are common in certain areas of the world. Just mostly in like China. Not the middle of bottom-fiddle-nowhere.

Dem Naughty Aliens[]

Aliens have been very naughty. They crashed their ships into sub stations and made power cuts. Naughty naughty. Apparently there were two UFOs and a big cross. But yeah. Why they took out two sub stations in Chorley? It is Chorley. It has Chorley cakes and a big shopping centre.

Probe UK International[]

Probe UK International is an alien probe lover society. It is based in Lancashire. It says that so many crazy people having sightings if absolute proof of aliens.


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Dem Naughty Aliens


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