Episode 158 Kentucky Goblins

Phoebe and Brian are hiking in the woods Phoebe Ask “Hey Brian are you going to tell me what we are doing in the woods of Kentucky? It was weird you saying “I have any idea” and not saying a thing on both cab rides, the plane, the uber we took and the past 5 hours we've been hiking to get here…” “ Phoebe we are doing the same thing we always do try to take over the world” (smash cut to Unbeliever A-A-Ron in a recording studio getting his sound checks done. He starts to sing “they're Phoebe and the Brian yes Phoe…..” the door is kicked in MEN IN BLACK swarm in!!! Let me clear that up they are lawyers dressed in black. They and a-a-ron start to argue he is told he can't sing the theme song) Cut back to Phoebe and Brian “Brian I really don't see how being in the woods of Kentucky will help us take over the World?” Phoebe said looking around as it grew darker “ It's simple Phoebe we hold the people in the cabin over there hostage till they buy a tshirt” Brian said as he pulled two silver jumpsuits out of his bag “quick put this on”  they both put them on. Phoebe Looking at Brian and herself Stating “Brian I don't know if this is a good idea we are in Kentucky and some of these people might have shotguns and will try to shoot us thinking we're like goblins or demons or aliens or something” “nonsense” says Brian as he does a backflip “now come on” ( I'm sure you know what takes place next. I got 500 words to use and don't want to waste any of them on pointless stuff ….Sebastian sits up in bed suddenly, grabbing his phone he sees a message from Phoebe - Brian and me just got off the plane I don't know where we are I think it's somewhere in eastern United States call me as soon as you get this- jumping out of bed, throws on his “Save the Turtles” shirt and running down the hall, as he yells aloud “oh no I missed The most recent episode of The Bachelor” anyways we join back with whatever Phoebe and Brian are doing now) A Woman is talking in the distance “the idea that monkeys was the case of….” Phoebe looks at Brian as he takes off his lucky bulletproof vest  “Well it's like I always say Brian You shouldn't monkey around” Brian looks determinedly off into the distance and states  “Come we must plan for tomorrow night” “what are we going to do tomorrow night?” “Same thing we do every night Phoebe try to get T-shirt money” (As they walk off a Cloaked figure emerges from the woods lighting a candle. Sneering at the two “SOON I will have my revenge”)