Episode 198 the Immortal Jellyfish

Phoebe enters the room (she is wearing some things I don't care it's not important to the story) “What are we going to do tonight Brian?” Phoebe asks inquisitively Brian turns and yells “Same thing we do every night Phoebe try to take over the world” ( music starts up) “they're Phoebe and the Br” (for legal reasons our lawyer said we cannot do anymore of this song) Phoebe states “well how are we going to do that Brian?” “It's simple really” Brian walks to a corkboard covered in string, photos and other conspiracy like memorabilia he continues “We are going to clog the world's oceans with jellyfish starting with the beaches in LA then once we do that we can hold the world's oceans for ransom until we finally get T-shirt money hahahahaha” Phoebe walks over looks at the cork board “But Brian aren't the LA beaches home to sea turtles the natural predators of jellyfish” “Silence Phoebe now grab my bag and let's go we have work to do” ( we are going to jump to the end cause this is running long just assume that Brian continues to carry out his ultimate plan as Phoebe points out the paradox that he's getting himself into also I guess Sebastian is somewhere asking people on the street the marry, bang, kill question or he's eating corn lol I don't know. And Victoria is off plotting her revenge but that's a story for another day) (cut to LA beaches tons of sea turtles feasting on all the jellyfish that Brian some how amassed in the ocean) a defeated Brian sits on the beach staring into the ocean Phoebe walks up wearing a “save the sea turtle” shirt ( this is important! but I'm gonna continue with the story) “I'm sorry your plan didn't work Brian but it's like I always say you can't have peanut butter without some jelly”  Brian stands “come we must plan for tomorrow night” “what are we going to do tomorrow night?” “Same thing we do every night Phoebe try to get T-shirt money”