Three Italian aliens introduce Joe Simonton to greasy pancakes while requesting water. Joe shows immediate disgust at the taste. "Well they tasted like cardboard, thats why they're so small I guess!"

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Turning the pancakes over to the airforce they were revealed to be regular buckwheat pancakes. Its assumed that Joe simply ruined them while cooking breakfast for his friends and simply made the tale up to cover his stupidity.

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An episode of the Unbelievable Podcast was brought to you by Italian Space Pancakes. You may think you’re starting your day off right. But, is your complete breakfast, really complete? Well it isn’t, until you add Italian Space pancakes. Our space pancakes are made from the finest buckwheat, hand fried by an authentic Italian alien and delivered to your door even if you didn’t ask for it. And all it costs is one easy payment of a little bit of water. Italian Space Pancakes, they don’t look like pancakes and they taste like shit.

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