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Money Hungry Cunt™ by Kanye

Overview Edit

More divisive than Emio's expose on Bohemian Grove, the concept of asking Unbelievers if they would be interested in pooling their capital to off-set the front-end costs of bulk ordering t-shirts in exchange for one of those very t-shirts divided the once unified Unbelievable Podcast Community.

Conspiracy Theories Edit

JavaScript Guy Edit

With the vaunted 'Tournament of Aliens' mere weeks away, some Unbelievers surmised that Brian's request for T-Shirt Money was little more than a thinly veiled ruse to amass several hundred American dollars - of which an estimated $16 would be used to hire an Eastern European 'JavaScript Guy' to 'code' an interactive bracket for the tournament. What would happen with the remaining T-Shirt cash cache? We don't know.

Greece Bailout Edit

By most estimates, the T-Shirt crowdfunding campaign was an unmitigated success -- with final "funding goal" percentages ranging from 113% to 314159265%. A lone Poll Results whistle-blower, or 'Truther', posited that the whole T-Shirt Money enterprise was an altruistic endeavor to bail the nation of Greece out of their United States-level of inconceivable debt.

Other Edit

Maybe it was just a rad way for like-minded people to create a token of support for something they enjoy. Brian explicitly said that there wasn't a requirement to include anything that could be considered marketing for The Unbelievable Podcast within the design of the shirt. Think about that for a second. How fucking cool is it that the primary objective of this endeavor was for listeners to make something that potentially only other listeners could comprehend and fully appreciate? Inside jokes comprise an integral pillar of The Unbelievable Podcast's appeal - to the point where giving the hosts shit about being money hungry cunts became a meta-inside-joke because ONLY DEDICATED LISTENERS WOULD USE THEIR 'OTHER' RESPONSE TO GIVE THE HOSTS SHIT ABOUT BEING MONEY HUNGRY CUNTS. I love it. #StarFox_Mulder