A suspected sea creature of the 13th century, reported to not attack it's victims, but to induce swelling if touched.

Popular Unbelief Edit

Truely one of the most revolting creatures it draws

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similarities to that of a penis due to shape and size. The analogy continues in that touching the Dick-Fish causes your hand to swell as if infected by crabs.

It's also suspected this was a Christian attempt to frighten people away from beating the one-eyed-willy, thus making such an act dangerous.

Associated Mythology Edit

It's widely believed that most sailors would avoid masturbation, not due to fear of this beast but more due to the expectation that somewhere in the depths of the ever moist ocean a Vagina-Fish waited to be discovered.

Reports and Sightings Edit

In 2006 a swimmer encountered this creature, see newapaper clipping below.


Newspaper article on an encounter.

References Edit

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