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Coming soon, the Unbelievable MOVIE! Starring Brian Frange and Phoebe Tyers, with soundtrack by AC_Dollar$ign (Pending approval)

"Someone (or someTHING) is killing the Illuminati one by one, and only the hosts of the Unbelievable Podcast might be able to put the pieces together. But only if they can learn to unlearn everything they knoooooow!!"


The Illuminati, the REAL Illuminati, were meant to be immortal. They began life in 433 BC as a group of Alchemists working together to find the Elixir of Life--to create a real fountain of youth. Working in secret in China, labelled "anarchemists" (anarchist alchemists) by the rest of the world and banned by religious and political leaders, this diverse group of men and women from all over the ancient world succeeded in their goal. Except the immortality they found was a fragile one. Impervious to aging, disease, viruses.....but still not invincible. Nevertheless, over the next 2000+ years, these ancient scientists were able to amass great wealth and power and become the Illuminati or Shadow government, pulling strings throughout the world. But, in the present day, someone or something is killing them off. Could a serial killer have discovered their secret? Could it be one of them?While the rest of the world takes no notice and scoffs at the very thought of the Illuminati's existence, only the hosts of a small conspiracy theory podcast seem to have connected the dots of these murders! And they suspect Reptilians---but it is the only lead or hope the Illuminati have.

Men in black are dispatched to New York and Los Angeles to pick up Brian and Phoebe. They are each put on board underground rail cars and are reunited at the Denver Airport where they board a private airplane (spewing chemtrails all the way) and are flown to a private island somewhere in the south Pacific. The dominant structure on the Island is a Mayan pyramid and a bigger more ornate version of The Georgia Guidestones and StoneHenge. They are taken into a mansion--the only house on the small Island--and a small faction of the Illuminati meet with them and make them an offer they cannot refuse. But only if they can catch the killer(s)!

What happens next?? Watch the movie, coming to a multiplex near you. SOON!

(This film is not yet rated. But the film contains graphic language and violence. Also adult themes and graphic nudity. Phoebe Tyers does NOT appear nude in this film, but Brian Frange is nude for most of the film's running time. This was a choice made by the actor against all advice. Frange kept claiming "I feel like my character would be nude for this scene" regardless of setting. Clothing is being digitally added to Frange in post and has delayed the film's release, possibly by years. More on this as it develops.)