Yes! It's called the unbelievable podcast.

Background Edit

During the live 2 hour 100th episode extravaganza of the podcast, Jason Louv, a contributor (freelancer) for Vice magazine called in to be interviewed by Brian, Charles, Phoebe and coincidence theorist, Johnny T.

Story Edit

3 minutes in, after discussing Michael Hastings, Johnny T brings up Tom Clancy novelizing a story about America being taken over by Black Marxist's being funded by Saudi dollars. After Charles telling Johnny T to shut up and Brian telling Jason that Johnny T is just insane, Jason asks, is this a joke? And after a short pause in the conversation Jason says, "Uhh, is this a real show?"

Post Question Edit

After asking, "Is this a real show" Brian has a conversation with Jason about his book on Monsanto. After the conversation goes nowhere, Johnny T tells Jason that he heard instead of eating foods from Monsanto and dropping dead after 20 years they will be handing out handguns so you can drop dead immediately. To which Jason replies, "I'm sorry, Is this an actual show?" Then Johnny T brings up the relationship between Mark David Chapman and the man who shot president Reagan. This causes Jason to end the interview. The interview lasted just under 7 minutes.

Legacy Edit

" this a real show" has become one of the most popular sounds played consistently on episodes of the podcast starting with episode number 101. It is also one of the few original sound clips from the show that has made it on to the soundboard.