An unbeliever is the very clever nickname Hollywood BrYan unconsciously came up with to call his loyal listeners of conspiracy nuts, tulpamancers, disturbed adolescents, adults with questionable life choices, and failed artists.

Without this clever nickname for his listeners, the podcast in his eyes, would become irrelevant and dated, since "all the popular podcasts and famous people have similar clever nicknames for their followers".

In reality, this is a clever nickname the hosts use to call their loyal listeners. This very page is written by an unbeliever for the unbelievers. As such, the origins of the name will forever be shrouded in the annals of the Unbelievable Podcast history.

Unbelievers are, in fact, talented, creative, caring, athletic, and... (cue Bigfoot ambient music) awesome. They own businesses, make music, crack jokes, write books, have each others' back (Sharky!), run in the Olympics, and can recognize a SoS.

More importantly they; peek behind bushes; eat hamburgers peacefully; flip cars; tell people to pickup their mouths... their brains and read a book; don't ask a SoS about golden rice; would never lie about something like that; scream like a w-w-witch; and own talking cacti.

Notable Unbelievers Edit

  • Ben Blankenship - Olympic Athlete competing in Rio 2016. Follow him on Twitter @benfblankenship

Fun Facts Edit