Vance Davis book Unbroken Promises.

A book by Vance Davis, written in 1995 after the events of the Gulf Breeze pact. The full title reads: Unbroken Promises: A True Story of Courage and Belief by Vance A Davis

There is a great deal of debate about what the title means; are the promises broken and in need of repair, are they about to be broken, or have they been untouched but in constant threat of being broken?

We don't know.

Many scholars have discussed and lectured about the Unbroken title but have yet to come up with a solution to this, as yet, confusing puzzle.

Contents Edit

The book details the harrowing story of Vince Davies (evidently he changed only his name to protect only himself) and his tale of love and loss on the high seas.

It sees a rouge military platoon embark on a quest to kill the Antichrist while Vince Davies, the protagonist, attempts to track down his long lost love, Miss Valerie Honeysuckle. At the beginning of the book he was forced to leave her behind in the Gulf Breeze, its eluded that this is in fact a ploy by the Antichrist, thus setting the proceeding events in motion.

The primary story details his return to the Gulf Breeze New Mexico to find his love and above all his destiny to destroy the Antichrist.

Secondary stories follow the emotional rollercoaster that his fellow AWOL soldiers go through in this almost futile adventure.

Principal Characters Edit

Spc. Vince Davies: The protagonist, who must fight all the odds to rescue his love, Valerie Honeysuckle, from the Antichrist.

Spc. Kenneth Beason: Vince's tough and gritty best friend, who keeps him on the straight and narrow.

Sgt. Annette Eccleston: The token female role.

Pfc. Michael Hueckstaedt: The wheelchair bound private with everything to prove.

Pfc. Kris Perlock: The communications specialist who intercepted the original Ouija message, also he spells his name with a K.

Pfc. William Setterberg: For some reason all he wants to do is eat split hotdogs.

John Storm: A military man sanctioned by the World Government to catch this rag tag group of mercenaries, also he can flip a car.

Valerie Honeysuckle: Although only appearing on the final page of the novel she is the main love interest of Vince Davies and the primary reason his broken promises need to be unbroken.

Reception Edit

Like many drugstore romance novels this one has been relegated to the bargain bin, however several positive reviews by prominent figures can be found.

Tony Blair (Former British PM) stated: "Never have I read a more harrowing and heartfelt love story, I burned through this trash in a day and cried most of that time."

George W Bush (Former US president) review on Amazon reads: "An amazing account of true love in a world of espionage and evil, much like I felt battling Sadam."

Charles de Gaulle (Former French PM) called it a "Triumph."

Sequel Edit

A sequel is reported to be in the works, the current working title is: Broken Unbroken Promises II: Marriage is Hell.

References Edit

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