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The Event[]


On the 6th of April 1966 around 200 students and teachers of the Westall public school, in Victoria Au stralia, witnessed a "UFO" descend from the sky and land in an adjacent field to their school.

Being Victoria Australia the students and teachers were dismissed as being only one chromosome different from their bass strait cousins, Tasmanians, and thus clinically insane and possibly two headed.

The Facts[]

There are no facts or evidence except for the deposition of over 200 individuals, one student even claimed to touch the landed craft and suffer burns.

Teachers Response[]

Being the 60's and Victoria Australia the teachers didn't give a toss, but rather let the kids run after the escaped weather ballon Alien craft, and touch and interact with it. It's suspected the teachers lounge was full at this time and "happening!"


A 50-minute HDTV documentary called “Westall ‘66: Way Better Than a 69” first aired on Australian TV on 4 June 2010. On 4 June 2010 a Seven Network TV program, Today Tonight, produced a segment about the Westall case and documentary.

It was also covered in Close Encounters.